If for every beginning there’s an ending
Where did the wings that take my heart come from?


name erik — age 19 — he/him
nationality ukrainian [white]
currently taking refuge in ireland, co. cork
transmasc +gay +aro
capricorn \ ISFP 4w5 \ edgy bastardinterests art, photography, rhythm games, animecore and otaku cultureother unmed adhd +soc anxietyfeel free to contact ★

When you’ve attained eternal life you will understand

before you follow

— i ban freely
— i swear freely
— i talk and retweet in russian
— if you follow me and our interest match i'll probably follow you back!
— not a native in english. please point mistakes out!
— i have bad memory and overall heavy adhd
PLEASE tag self-harm, syringes, IVs, catheters. any amount or mention.
just "/ med" will do
— please tell me if i didn't tag something— it would be nice if you'd let me know why you're softblocking me, but it's fine

don't interact if

— you are randomly mean for funny internet points
— you use anything other than she/her for arashi narukami
— you are pro-ship
— you support incest / map / zoophilia / lolisho
— you are racist / xenophobic / nationalist
— you defend stalin
— you are a terf / transmed / truscum or support/are friends with them
— you are homophobic / transophobic / ace or pan exclusionist
shaming attraction to men is homophobic.

The meaning of betrayal, sorrow, and unreciprocated love


mobage: llsif, imas sidem, enstars, fgo, arknights, genshin impactanime/ original creators: yoshitoshi abe (lain, charcoal feather federation), kunihiko ikuhara (utena, sarazanmai), mamoru hosoda (wolf children, summer wars)manga: naruto, the promised neverland, beastars, kuroshitsuji, gokushufudou, kny, hxh, blue period, golden kamuy, berserk, blood trail;
manga/ original creators: ooima yoshitoki (koe no katachi, to your eternity), nakamura asumiko (doukyuusei), natsume ono, amano yoshitaka
games: touhou, p4 + p5, ace attorney, mgs, fe3h, silent hill, smt5, botwmusic: all kinds of stuff. talk to em about music.
music/ most notable genres: various japanese music including vkei; russian rock, alternative, kpop
music/ most notable artists : buck-tick, kino, flëur
music/ k-pop: tvxq, exo, taemin, stray kids;
ladies' code, itzy, clc, sunmi
other: hannibal, kinou nani tabeta?, happy together (1997), love for sale

kamen rider: kuuga, ryuki, blade, den-o, ooo, build, black, agito, kabuto, reviceother: changerion, go-ongerplanning: all of kamen rider, hurricanger


types: chuunibyou, yankii, gyaru, whire hair, middle-aged men, failmoe

I’ve seen the rainbow depicting an eternal arch

have watched, can't update yet lol ↑